Celebration Assembly

Friday 25th November

Special Achievers

Dragonflies: Theo for the hard work you always put into tidying up the outdoor area. You are great at sweeping up leaves!


Honeybees: Ella-Louise for trying hard at home to extend her learning. She takes a phonics game home every day!


Frogs: Daniel for careful editing of your writing in English.


Squirrels: Leon for excellent effort in your writing this week.


Hedgehogs: Hollie for writing a lovely winter tree poem.


Meerkats: Nandun for a great story full of interesting noun phrases and well done for using lots of different connectives.


Otters: Bethan for helping other members of the class when they found the sewing task a little tricky!


Badgers: Leo for writing a fantastic, very imaginative description of a creature from the Arctic.


Tigers: Harvey for your enthusiasm for learning and producing quality work.


Jaguars: Joshua R for his super letter home from the trenches.

We celebrated these children who have stood out as having shown the value of Quality this week: Neeko, Finlay M, Ruby, Megan W, Makayla, Jacob T, Xavi, Sofia, Eira and Noah.


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