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Vision & Values

Values are things we believe in that help us to make decisions about how to behave. They are the principles that guide our lives. Some commonly held values include thoughtfulness, respect, trust, love, friendship, courage… There are lots more values and many overlap.

Some values are quite tricky to understand and difficult to do every day; others are easier to spot and simpler to do.

Sometimes we forget about the values that are really important to us; we are too busy or we don’t actually know what the values are.

At Haydon Wick we look at values in detail so that we all have the words to describe them to each other and know how to spot them in ourselves and in others. We celebrate when people are showing values – by sharing them both on the website and in school.

Values Education is not just something that helps you to learn when you are younger; it is a set of tools that you will carry with you all your life. Understanding values will help you to make difficult decisions even when you are a grown-up.

A value is a principal that guides our thinking and behaviour.  Values-based Education is far more than a process of instilling values in pupils. It is concerned with the very meaning and purpose of education; a statement about the quality of education that can be achieved and the impact that this can have on society and the world.

With this view of the role and purpose of education, we hope that Haydon Wick Primary School’s values-based approach can positively influence the development of positive values, which will help our children to be part of a civil, caring and compassionate society.

School Values 2018-19

  • Patience – September
  • Peace – October
  • Quality – November
  • Respect- December
  • Responsibility – January
  • Simplicity – February
  • Thoughtfulness – March
  • Tolerance – April
  • Trust – May
  • Understanding – June
  • Unity – July

British Values

At Haydon Wick Primary School, we actively promote British Values, as defined under the Ofsted guidance 2014, through our school vision, ethos, agreed rules, curriculum and teaching:

‘ensure that they and the school promote tolerance of and respect for people of all faiths (or those of no faith), cultures and lifestyles; and support and help, through their words, actions and influence within the school and more widely in the community, to prepare children and young people positively for life in modern Britain’.

The government define these values as

  • Democracy
  • Rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths

At Haydon Wick Primary School, we value the diverse ethnic backgrounds of all pupils and families and undertake a variety of events and lessons to celebrate these. We have found this approach to be enriching for all parties as it teaches tolerance and respect for the differences in our community and the wider world. Underpinning all of this, are a range of curriculum topics which have strong links to the British Empire. We actively challenge children, staff or parents expressing opinions contrary to fundamental British Values, including ‘extremist’ views.

Our Aims

During your child’s time in our school, we aim to create and maintain a happy atmosphere, building on that which the caring home provides. Our basic intention will be to help each child realise his or her maximum potential. Our aims are:

  • To create a happy and caring school environment
  • To help children to learn that courtesy, good manners and consideration for others are very important qualities
  • To ensure a command of basic English and an ability to communicate with other people
  • To encourage an enjoyment of reading
  • To develop a knowledge and understanding of basic mathematical operations
  • To encourage scientific curiosity and organise observational studies particularly through the local environment
  • To awaken an awareness of the heritage around us through project type historical, geographical and religious education studies
  • To teach skills in handwriting, handicrafts and other creative arts including music
  • To encourage an individual appreciation of beautiful things
  • To provide an enjoyment of physical activities, drama, movement and mime and to teach basic recreational game skills
  • To establish an environment within which children and all staff, school governors, advisory colleagues, parents and future parents, can work with each other for the successful achievement of these aims.


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