Badgers Class Term 4 2017-18

We’ve been having loads of fun this term learning all about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings.

Thank you so much for all your brilliant homework. It’s so lovely for us to see the children’s creativity and hard work.

Badgers have been working so hard this term and have produced some stunning dragon art which can be seen on display in the corridor between Meerkats and Jaguars. Inspired by our class book, How to Train your Dragon, the children designed dragon eyes which they then made using clay. They showed real patience, determination and perseverance when making and painting these and it really shows in the quality of their finished work.

As part of the ‘Dragon Eye’ work, the children worked in groups to write poems about what a dragon might see. They have written these in best and used their shading skills to colour around the dragon’s eye. They really do look amazing and the children should feel very proud of themselves.

In addition to this, in English, the children have been learning about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne and put their journalist hats on to write a newspaper report all about it. The children loved looking at copies of First News (children’s newspaper). They have also been writing a non-chronological reports about a dragon of their imagining. It was loads of fun coming up with ideas for new dragons.

And last but not least, I’m sure you’ve heard all about our brilliant Vikings Day. Thank you for the children’s fantastic costumes- they really enriched the day. We started out by meeting Bjorn the Viking who was full of knowledge and very interesting to listen to. We acted out raids, battles, executions and funerals! We learnt all about the differences in lifestyle between rich and poor Vikings and the different jobs that they did- we decided that the worst one would have been a slave! We learnt and played Viking games such as Hnefatafl, dice games and Stick Wrestling! We even got to hold and feel Viking weapons, clothes and other objects. One of the most exciting parts of the day was when we had a weaponry and shield wall battle- we had to learn the different spear positions and be really aggressive! One of the most surprising things was how heavy the Viking chain mail shirt was: some of us couldn’t even lift it!

We have a new topic next term which will be The Romans and Italy. We look forward to seeing you next term.

May we take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and remind you that the door is always open should you wish to discuss anything.

Wishing you a happy and relaxing Easter break.



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