Hedgehogs Class Term 6 2017-18

Hedgehogs have finished the year with lots of hard work and lots of fun. Near the beginning of the term we prepared thoroughly for our class assembly, which severely overran its expected time but was agreed to be entertaining. The audience got very excited when they didn’t always get the answer right first time. The highlight for many people was when we showed our recorder playing skills.
Maths included a lot of practical work on measurement, like this work on volume and capacity.

After all the hard work and assessments in term 5 and 6 we have enjoyed spending more time on CDT and art. We sketched and painted wildflowers in the style of Albrecht Durer. We designed and made fridge magnets from clay and cardboard to sell at the school fete.

Special events included the UNCEF SoccerAid fundraising day. We had an opportunity to do a soccer obstacle course, and to try to beat the Haydon Wick goalkeeper.

We rounded off our India topic by designing and making shadow puppets to tell a short story. Now we are all ready for a break and looking forward to our new classes next year.


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