Meerkats Class term 1 2017-18

What a great start of the year we’ve had. The children really have adapted to KS2 really well and with a growing maturity.

In Maths we have coped well with the new format of lessons whereby we ‘do it’, ‘twist it’ and ‘deepen it’. We really are using our brains to work out the tricky problem solving parts of the lesson.
Our English recounts about great explorers have been full of WOW words and we really tried hard to use a range of time connectives. This work was connected to their Topic work on ‘Extreme survival’. We have really loved reading Beast Quest it has inspired us to produce some eerie settings using ‘book creator’.

During computing we have been producing PowerPoints about how the camel survives in the extremes of the desert. Maddison’s PowerPoint page is featured in the images below.

We must give thanks to the school’s E-cadets who gave us a lesson on be an ‘Upstander’, somebody who knows exactly what to do if we see any bullying occurring.

In Art we have been printing with leaves to produce our autumn pictures. Joshua‘s picture is featured in the images below

In Science we have thought a lot about whether our diets are balanced and we have been taking a closer look inside our bodies at our digestive systems and our bones and muscles. We have enjoyed labelling our friendly skeletons.

Come and see our class charter. We created it together, thinking about our class rights and the responsibilities that come with them. We have all signed it to show that we understand them and will try our hardest to ensure that ourselves and others have the best education possible.

In the photos below you can see Gabby working out how to save the world’s problems in PHSE. We took part in ‘The World’s largest lesson’ and looked at which rights some people of the world are not getting properly. We had so many ideas and were full of compassion for the plight of others less fortunate than ourselves.

We must also give a great big thank you to Mr Ash who has taught the skills of Lacrosse.


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