Meerkats Class Term 3 2017-18

We have really thrown ourselves into the Stone Age this term.The pupils have been having so much fun making Stone Age houses, coil pots and cave paintings.We really love the cave we have created in class.

Our class reader Stone Age boy has produced some great stories and we have worked really hard on producing Stone Age fact sheets using skimming and scanning techniques as well as our note taking skills.We no longer just copy great big chunks off web pages or out of books.We have also created fact sheets on a chosen volcano to link with our Science topic of Rocks.

In Science we have been observing different types of rocks and testing them. We have made a volcano and created the 3 types of rock using lots of yummy food.

In Maths we have been working very hard on multiplying and dividing. We also celebrated the NSPCC number day. We thank all our parents for their generous donations.

We were lucky to have a special visit from our school’s E-cadets who taught us about how to solve our online problems.

We enjoyed solving puzzles in our ‘Mind’ workshop.


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