Meerkats Class Term 6 2017-18

We have been doing very important work this term.  Saving the rainforest and saving the planet! We have created posters encouraging the school community to use FSC products.   We have been finding out what sustainable and unsustainable palm oil is and which companies we will try and use so that the orangutan’s habitat is not destroyed.  We have found out about climate change and how that effects people around the world and have worked out our own carbon footprint. We have also been saving the bees!

We created produced very persuasive scripts about why we should save the rainforest and videoed ourselves.  We created an aura using Aurasma and attached our videos to our posters.   Come into our class and try them out for yourselves.

We have been working on pictograms and bar charts in Maths.  We worked hard creating our own questions especially ones involving ‘how many more’ or ‘ how many fewer’

We used Microsoft Excel to see all the different ways we could show the data we collected about our pulse rates after different activities.  We really thought carefully about the clearest way to display our data.

We have also put an outstanding amount of effort into our ‘WHF Art Festival’ entry.  We researched ‘The wind in the willows’ illustrator, E.H Shepard and attempted to copy his style.  We read the first few stories and wrote our own based on Ratty and Mole’s trip down the river.  Our final, whole class art piece won a highly commended ribbon at the festival.

We’ve enjoyed some outdoor learning this term (possibly because our classroom was melty) , watched Tiger and Jaguar class perform their fantastic end of year play and cooked, baked and enjoyed some food together in our end of year picnic.

We’ve been the ‘Marvelous Meerkats’ 2017-2018 and we’re ready for our next learning adventures!


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