After finishing our ‘Meet the Flintstones’ topic with our Stone Age Class Assembly, we moved on to our new Science-based topic of ‘Rainforests’. So far, we have looked at the book, The Forever Rainforest and have been using it as a stimulus to find out more about the plants and animals of the rainforest. We have done our own research using iPads and topic books and then worked in pairs to do shared writing of an information text about an animal of our choosing. We will also use this book to inspire some rainforest based stories.


In Maths we have been working very hard on written methods of multiplying and dividing. Using column method of multiplication and chunking for division. We have also started to use fractions, finding fractions of amounts and equivalent fractions.


In Science, what fun we have had killing off various plants! We have been investigating what is needed to grow plants by depriving them of certain things like water, leaves and sunlight. Each week we carefully measured each plant and gave them the same amount of water.


We have also been testing whether the stem of a plant really transports water. We did this by putting celery in water and red dye. We thought it was very strange that some of the stems transported the water and others didn’t. Why did that happen?


Mrs Cowley has been very impressed by the attitude the children have had to their work on Internet safety. They have very sensibly dealt with the topic and know what to do if they have concerns. They have shown a good understanding of some of the dangers that may occur online and how to keep themselves safe. Why is your password like your toothbrush?


During outdoor P.E. the children have been using a heartrate monitor to measure their heart rate after certain activities. They have worked cooperatively in groups, sharing the equipment and delegating jobs. We will use our data to produce graphs next term. With Miss Sparks we have learnt about various skills in Athletics. We have covered jumping for distance, running, both sprinting and endurance as well as relays.


In Art, we have been looking at the work of Oenone Hammersley, who created some beautiful paintings of the Rainforest. We have been considering how she used line to create the outline of the many different shapes in the rainforest and using artists’ colouring pencils, which we are learning to blend to create the same effects of colour that the artist did.


We have  also started preparing for the Arts Festival. Making masks for our carnival theme. We had fun but oh how messy we all got!


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