What a great time we have had being really creative this term. We produced work for TWHF Arts festival, Arts week and we have created great Rainforests in DT.


Our theme for the WHF Arts festival was carnival. This was perfect to match with our Rainforest topic as we could produce work based on the Brazilian rainforest and the Rio carnival. We started with a super carnival poem.


We had fun trying out some salsa dancing and made carnival masks. First we cut the foil for the base, then we moulded it to our face shape, we added plenty of glue and then paper mache.


We completed internet research about the tribes that live in the Brazilian Rainforest. We were very interested in the different reasons they painted their faces; some to show emotions and some to depict the animals of the rainforest.


We made designs of our own and painted them on our faces, then we transferred our designs to our masks.


The next week was Arts week and we had a great time working on ‘The great wave’. First we drew all our separate waves and made a stop motion video.


We created music to go alongside our video and with the Aurasma App we added our film and music auras to our pictures.We also made block prints of the great wave.


In July we were designing and creating our own rainforest in a box. After completing work on the different layers of the rainforest we tried to recreate them.


As well as all this Art and DT we have been working really hard on how and why we need to save the rainforest. It has produced some of the best writing of the year and has also seen the children really engaged and showing a true interest in doing something to help.


They came up with a long list of things they could do and they completed them all! This included: creating something for the newsletter, making posters to put up around the school and producing an assembly for the whole school to see. Each member of the class spoke clearly and with passion.


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