Well, the first term back at school has been a massively busy one for Tiger Class. We started our year by creating Tiger Targets for ourselves. Each of these individual targets would mean that we had a personal goal to work on for the first term.


Next, we created imaginative poems about what we would put into a Magic Box if we owned one. Our poems were then made into a big book. I have included one for you to enjoy in the gallery below. Our topic, Britain since 1930, has proved to be an interesting and inspiring topic so far. We have learned about the depression and are currently writing about the Jarrow Crusade, imagining that we were marching as one of the men. Wait for the writing to appear on our walls but it is looking fantastic so far.


We visited Coleshill to learn about the British Resistance movement created during WW2. We were educated in all kinds of skills like code breaking, covert operations, living in an underground bunker and lots more…..but if we tell you any more, we may have to kill you!


After the trip, we wrote a diary entry, describing our call up to Coleshill and the journey that took us to the beginning of our training. Please read the diary entries displayed in the Hall as they are truly inspiring, which is why we decided that the British Resistance of Coleshill would be our Values heroes.


For Harvest Festival, we visited our old friends at James Wilkes House, delivering boxes of donated groceries to the residents. A fun afternoon was had by all as always!


We visited Nova Hreod to take part in a science fair. Great fun was had by all as we had to design a vehicle to carry tomatoes down a mountainside, without splatting them! There were some amazing…..if not always effective designs!


In the meantime, Mrs Whistler went to the Sahara to trek, in order to raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance. With our help, running a Friday tuck shop, taking part in a Guess How Many Sweets Are in the Jar Game (597 but closest guess was 600 by Lilli Starmer Evans in Mrs Pinkney/Mrs Cowley’s Class) and making helpful donations, Mrs Whistler has nearly reached her £1000 goal. We have all helped to keep the Air Ambulance in the air for a while longer so 3 cheers for us!



Now, on to Christmas! I can’t wait!


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