Tigers Class Term 3 2017-18

This term our topic has matched the weather, as we have studied the dark and tragic tale of Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’.  We have enjoyed reading many different versions.  We have also been watching the animated tale then re-writing the story in our own words.   In English we have focussed our attention on narrative writing.  Firstly, by describing the heath from the opening of Macbeth. Then the first encounter between the witches and Macbeth and Banquo.  Here are some extracts from children’s writing:

Macbeth and Banquo meet the witches

The sky flickered with beams of light, that dusk; only two noises could be heard; the fluttering of evil’s wings against the disturbed leaves, and spine-shivering cackles in the distance, eating away at your eardrums. Intelligently, they screeched their cryptic spells as these were no women, these, however, were lifeless eyed witches. Wild. Angular. Pallid.

“Double, Double! Toil and Trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble! Fillet of a fenny snake, in the cauldron. Boil and Bake!” They cast in perfect unison. Now, on the battered heath, two more figures came from where a battle had concluded, fair and square…

Ryan Hunt – Year 6


 NSPCC ‘Dressing up for Digits day’’ 2018

On this special day of numbers we came to school dressed in ‘anything connected to numbers’!  In Tiger class, we had several human calculators!! We received a message from Hogwarts school of magic saying that we needed to help them convert their imperial measures to a more modern metric system… They are due an inspection by Professor Dolores Umbridge. Some of the Hogwarts potion ingredients were disgusting and slimy in the jars.  One of them had ogres’ eyeballs.

Safer Internet Day 2018

On 7th February we looked at some scenarios that children might find themselves and looked at an internet issue from all the different points of view.  We learned about how to: Create, Connect and Share Respect. Our e-cadets


This term our Debating club members have been learning how to construct a speech which will last for 3 minutes: it is not easy to speak for so long on your own!  They are using their body language and tone of voice to convince others.  This term they did a full debate in front of the whole of Key Stage 2. Well done!


This term Hema has been teaching us how to breathe deeply and calm our minds. We have been learning what ‘mindfulness’ means and the importance of breath awareness



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