Tigers Class Term 5 2017-18

This term Tiger class have worked really hard! I am very proud of all the Year 6 children who did the SATs tests in week 5. Everyone worked really hard and our effort-o-meter was stuck on maximum! There was beautiful sunny weather during SATs week this year, which meant that we could have a lovely time in the sunshine, relaxing after the tests. At the end of the week the children voted for a class treat: ice lollies and a film!

While Year 6 did their SAT’s tests, Year 5 carried out maths investigations and made shapes. They built 3D shapes from nets, including complex shapes like dodecahedrons!

This term Mr Summerson has been helping us to design our own robots. We learned how to use coding to create a face for the robot using LEDs on a pad. It was possible to create messages and happy and sad faces for the robots. We also became game designers by creating our own games using code. We tested each other’s games to check that they worked!

In PE this term Miss Cox helped us develop our basketball skills. We have become more able to attack and defend quickly to score points. We also used cricket equipment to learn how to bat and field. In the last lesson, we played a super game of rounders.

In English, we finished our work on Macbeth by writing a speech to prosecute or defend Macbeth for the murders of Duncan, Banquo and Mcduff’s family. In order to do this, we had to understand the plot of the play and the motivations of the characters really well. We also created a sketch depicting Lady Macbeth as she was at the beginning of the play and at the end!

On Friday 18th May, we celebrated the Royal Wedding by having our own picnic lunch on the field. We all sat together having a special school dinner or a lovely picnic lunch. Luckily it was a beautiful sunny day (as you will see below). Congratulations to the royal couple!

Finally, at the end of term, we started to learn the songs for our end of year performance! Have a happy holiday!



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