We were so proud of Badgers in term 5. The class assembly was a huge success and all of the children performed with gusto. They learned their lines, sang their hearts out and looked fabulous (thanks to all of your hard work in providing costumes!).


We’ve had some brilliant experiences via our sports coaches, drumming lessons and visitors to school. The children have produced some fabulous writing; their explanations of how volcanoes work were brilliant.


Term six started with our build up to TWHF Arts Festival. All children in year 4/5 helped to create our entry into the sewing competition. Our efforts are on display in the cloakroom. Our year 4’s who represented us on the day did us proud. They sang fantastically and came a close second in the competition.
Our in house art week was a great success. In Badger class, we looked at the work of Andy Warhol as a modern day print artist and created a Hokusai/Warhol Mash up using ‘The great wave’ as inspiration.


Our exhibition of the children’s art work was a highlight too. They really loved being celebrated as artists. Thank you for your support with this.
Finally, the year 4/5 maths groups have had a blast planning, preparing and holding a mini fete. It was a great success and the children have already started planning next year’s.


Thank you for your support this year. We hope the children have a great summer and wish them all the best for next year!

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