Celebration Assembly

Friday 5th January

Celebration Assembly Friday 12th January

Honeybees: Oliver for super work at home with your reading and phonics.
Dragonflies: Seb for trying really hard with your finger gym activities.
Frogs: Lola–Lee for super independent learning all week.
Squirrels: Honour for using amazing adjectives in the beginning of her Florence Nightingale diary extract
Hedgehogs: Jonathan for persevering in all types of learning.
Meerkats: Tyler for very carefully drawn perimeter work and neat use of the compass.
Otters: Grace for writing a fantastic set of instructions.
Badgers:  Libby for excellent effort when writing an instructional text. You used the features correctly and included adverbs and adverbial phrases.
Tigers: Ben for fabulous writing skills: Accurate and imaginative. (Keep reading, as I am sure this is the secret to your success!)
Jaguars: Moses for making an excellent start with your Macbeth description.

We celebrated some children who have stood out as having shown the value of Hope this week: Archie, Freya J, Sam C, Keira B, Sienna, Archie B, Lexi, Ella-Louise, Kaitlyn L and Olivia S

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