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Dragonflies Class Update Term 3

17 February 2020
Dragonflies Class Update Term 3

We had amazing fun when Swindon Town Football Club came to visit! Learning football skills was very interesting!

For traditional tales week, we used rulers to measure Rapunzel’s hair. In groups we took it in turns to play with the castle in the role play area of our classroom. Some of used cubes to measure Rapunzel’s hair instead of rulers.

We had great fun using our outdoor equipment to make our own castles from bricks and rocks! Once we had built our own castles outside, we used tape measures to measure how long they were. Some of us built massive castles!

Once a week in PE we carry out a gymnastics lesson. Look at us on the equipment. We practiced our balancing! We did more balancing in gymnastics. We looked like flamingos standing on one leg and trying to balance in groups was good teamwork too!

In January we celebrated Chinese New Year in class. We made noodles and did lots of colouring activities. We made Chinese dragons with folded paper and straws. We coloured in the dragon's head and attached straws to make it move. Playing with them in the theatre was very fun. We tasted noodles and had a great try with the chopsticks.

To take responsibility for the school guinea pigs, we go in groups to feed them on Wednesday afternoons.

We used snakes and ladders and plastic numbers to celebrate World Math Day.

As it wasn’t raining, we went to get some fresh air on our outside equipment! Some of us used the bars and some of us did balancing on the wooden beams.

We decorated biscuits while dressed in our amazing outfits for our fairytale day. We enjoyed wearing pretty dresses and traditional tale outfits! We also read tales on the carpet. Some dragonflies used crates to make even bigger castles!

We made junk model castles… Some children used cubes to help with our counting. Making our own castles indoors with boxes and other materials was fun. We used rulers and cubes to help with our counting too.

A giant came into our classroom overnight and even tipped our chairs upside down! He left his massive shoe behind!

We had great fun using straws and green card to make our own versions of the beanstalk from “Jack and the Beanstalk”. We love getting creative in class!

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