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Frogs Class Update Term 3

1 March 2022
Frogs Class Update Term 3

What a fantastic term of learning we have had!

We had a dino-tastic term, and it was amazing how engaged the children were in our dinosaur topic.

We started off the term with a visit from Dino-Mania. We saw real fossils and learnt all about dinosaurs. We even met Trudie, Ronnie and Blue who were real dinosaurs! It was a great way to kick off our new topic.

In English, we mainly focused on non-fiction writing – dinosaur fact files! We researched four different dinosaurs – Tyrannosaurus Rex, Diplodocus, Stegosaurus and Triceratops. We wrote our facts into our dinosaur fact files and made our very own non-fiction dinosaur book. Frogs class focused on using conjunctions and adjectives to extend and improve their writing. We also took a trip back to the Triassic and Jurassic periods via Virtual Reality! We explored the dinosaur periods and then wrote a setting description, outlining what we could see and hear. The children wrote some brilliant descriptions, and we really felt like we were in the land of the dinosaurs when we read their writing!

We continued to practise our addition and subtraction in maths, going into the teen numbers. We also looked at measure – in particular, height and length. The children measured different items using non-standard units first, such as cubes and blocks and they then progressed onto measuring things in centimetres. The children blew us away with their brilliant measuring skills.

In science, we looked at classifying animals in different ways. We looked at the different animal groups, as well as the meanings of carnivore, herbivore, and omnivore. We were then able to understand the diets of different dinosaurs.

We used lots of different mediums to create dinosaur art. We used white straw to create dinosaur fossil pictures and we had a go at sketching a Diplodocus. We then looked at watercolours and how to blend them. We made a sunset sky with the shadow of a dinosaur – they look really effective!

In computing, we learned how to search things on the internet and use a keyboard to type. We then put our dinosaur knowledge to the test and typed some sentences on 2Publish about dinosaurs!

We finished off the term with Values Week. We looked at a different value each day – love, appreciation, British Values and perseverance. Our favourite values activity was the marshmallow and spaghetti challenge – we had to make a structure that didn’t fall! We had to try and try again until we finally got there. The children showed great resilience and perseverance.

Have a lovely half term and we will see you for more fantastic learning in Term 4!

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