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Hedgehogs Term 1 Class Update

20 October 2018
Hedgehogs Term 1 Class Update

We have had a busy start to the school year.

Way back in week one, when we were getting to know each other, we thought about the UN convention of the rights of the child, and together we created our class charter, showing the expectations in our class and school.

Our Science Topic ‘The Great Plant Hunt’ has given us lots of opportunities to get outside. These are just a few highlights of the work we have done.

We have hunted for fantastic leaves around the school and used adjectives to describe them.

We went to the park to identify specific plants matching our identikits and found dead nettles, cleavers and shepherds purse, as well as the more common daisies, thistles and dandelions. Hawthorn and elder were hard to spot to start with but unmissable once identified!

When we got back we sketched our plants and labelled their parts.

We also went on a seed hunt and found a big range from tiny specks to large acorns and conkers. By the end of the term about two thirds of pots were showing seedlings. Maybe the others contain slow growing tree seeds (or maybe not!)

Our mini beast hunt was even more exciting as we found a variety of shade loving creatures under the logs in the new mud kitchen.

Hedgehogs class had a fantastic trip to Wren’s Orchard, near Cirencester early on in the term. Unfortunately, it fell in the week I had to be absent following surgery, but all who went told me they enjoyed it a lot, and the children were full of information about woodlands when I returned.

In Maths we have been tackling place value and addition, moving towards adding two 2 digit numbers. This has included lots of hands on work with equipment as well as calculations and problem solving.

We have done a lot of non-fiction writing and finished the term by writing several poems, including snapshot poems about natural objects we found outside.

We celebrated World Mental Health Day by thinking about the difference between small and large feeling, ways of dealing with small feelings and who we could find to talk to about our large feelings. We also thought about how we can be good listeners when other people want to talk.

Now we are really ready for a rest before another exciting term.

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