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Hedgehogs Term 6 Class Update

27 August 2019
Hedgehogs Term 6 Class Update

Hedgehogs have had a very varied summer. They have had to work to the peak of their abilities to prove what they can do for Y2 and Y3 assessment and they have also had a lot of fun!

We began with the inspirational Bart Gee showing us that disability or difference need not stand in the way of experiences and achievement.

Y3s have extended their swimming ability after 10 weeks of lessons and Y2s have that to look forward to next year. Y3s also benefitted from a virtual reality day when they lived the African experience. Some also enjoyed a residential trip with PGL.

Everybody enjoyed Maths Rockstars day to launch the TT Rockstars program. Hedgehogs have been seen to be particularly keen on using the program, which is great.

Another memorable day was when we raised money for our partner school in Uganda, Balitta Primary School with its unit for blind and partially sighted pupils. We made a human Uganda flag and were photographed by a drone and we had a barefoot football tournament.

The highlight for some was our fantastic class assembly which was watched by a lot of parents. Was it Values-based or not?

We have learned a lot about staying safe, with visitors teaching us about fire safety and Truck and Child safety. We also looked at keeping our eyes safe in the sun and Mental Health.

Several children in Hedgehogs class went to the Wyvern Theatre for the KS1 Music Festival as part of the KS1 choir, and others learned the songs along with them. The singing from our class and school was of a high quality, as seen when we performed ‘This is Me’ at our very own Glastonwick Festival.

Having worked very hard at covering the maths curriculum before assessment time we were able to enjoy some practical maths and do various sorts of measuring including sloshing some water around, unfortunately in one of the cooler weeks.

Recently we engaged enthusiastically with the two sports days. Y3s helped out as the Y2s took part in the KS1 circuit style morning, themselves helping the younger children in their teams. In the afternoon Y2s were keen spectators, cheering for their classmates and their owl houses as the Y3s competed.

The World Percussion Roadshow made a fine beginning to our Glastonwick Festival when children took part in a big range of activities and an afternoon concert. Ice pops were very welcome in this hot week!

All the children deserve a rest before we all have a new start in September.

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