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Meerkats Class Update Term 1

8 November 2019
Meerkats Class Update Term 1

What a fabulous start to the year!

The children have really settled and come together as a class. It’s a big jump from KS1 into KS2 but I’m impressed with how quickly the children have risen to the challenge and how independent they have become in a few short weeks.

Our topic of ‘Extreme Earth – A Dragon’s Tale’ has been a popular one. We have loved reading ‘Ferno the Fire Dragon’ by Adam Blade and we are in the process of writing our own Beast Quest tales. The children have designed their own beasts and written fabulous poetry. Our recount of Scott’s journey to the South Pole were brilliant and we enjoyed re-enacting the perilous adventure in freeze frames.

Our forest school day was lovely. The children all learned how to set and light a camp fire using traditional methods. They learned how to forage safely and to tie a reef knot. We’ll be using these skills throughout the year.

In maths we’ve explored the place value of numbers to 1000 and looked at different types of lines. We’ve found out about and build 2D and 3D shapes.

Our science has been awesome! We’ve really enjoyed learning about different rock types and how they are formed. We designed and carried out an experiment to find out which rocks are hardest. We even made our own edible sedimentary rocks.

As well as this we’ve experimented with different pencils and paints in art. We’ve completed our level 8 British gymnastics equivalence and started level 7. We’ve learned 5 notes on the recorder and welcomed 3 new class pets – Wish and Xar the fish and Bodkin the snail.

A super term!

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