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Meerkats Term 3 Class Update

27 February 2019
Meerkats Term 3 Class Update

Meerkats have been really busy again this term.

We were excited to start our Ancient Egypt topic. The homeworks that were produced were so interesting. Our home learning included informative PowerPoints, beautiful art-work, exciting stories and the building of a wide variety of pyramids (including ones made of sugar cubes and Lego.)

We have enjoyed finding out about Ancient Egypt. We have researched mummification, written our own travel brochures for 'The Valley of the Kings', used atlases to locate Egypt, made canopic jars and written in hieroglyphics. It's been a great term of learning.

We have worked super hard on multiplying and dividing in Maths which all culminated on World Number day. We looked at number in film and chose Charlie and the chocolate factory. We spent the day scaling recipes and of course making them.

We certainly enjoyed our French day where we completed a very interesting carousel of activities in the hall which included: using Euros, matching fruits, reading french books, making an Eiffel tower and a french game. Not to forget eating french food.

In RE we have been looking at parables. After reading the parable of the mustard seed we especially enjoyed making a stop motion video of a mustard seed blossoming into a beautiful tree, giving homes and life to many.

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