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Year 1 Class Update Term 2 Week 6

15 December 2021
Year 1 Class Update Term 2 Week 6

Wow! What a jam packed but super fun term we have had!

We all loved our topic ‘Polar Express’! From learning about different regions around the world to our story ‘Poles Apart’, the children were really engrossed in this topic and learnt so much!

We read about the Pilchard-Browns and their amazing adventure with Mr White. Mr Pilchard-Brown could not read the map properly, so they got lost! Mr White took them all around the world and they visited places such as London, India and Venice. Mr White then took them back home to the South Pole. Frogs class learnt the story off by heart and re-wrote the entire story by themselves – some amazing work was produced! We were lucky to have a visit from Mrs Pilchard-Brown too! We asked her some questions about her and her family’s adventure with Mr White. We also wrote some postcards to our family, friends and teachers. We wrote about visiting Norway and Egypt, and included some super adjectives to describe what we saw!

In music we learnt to play a short tune on the glockenspiels to the song ‘Twinkle Twinkle’. We learnt about the origins of the lullaby too.

In art, we used a variety of mediums to create masterpieces in our sketch books! Sketching polar bears, chalk firework pictures, collaging and looking at warm and cold colours – we had so much fun experimenting and expressing ourselves through our artwork.

This term we were also visited by two elves sent by Santa from the North Pole – Buddy and Coco. They got up to all sorts of mischief!

During the end part of the term we did lots of christmassy arts and crafts, producing some fantastic decorations for our Christmas trees and sculpting clay polar bears. We even got to do a bit of Christmas baking and made Christmas cookies! Yum!

We ended with our nativity, which was slightly different this year due to the circumstances! The children loved dressing up and acting out some of the scenes from the nativity. We hope you enjoyed it – it was so lovely to see Early Years and Year One join together in a team effort to produce a performance for you.

We hope you have a fantastic Christmas and are ready and raring to go for another fabulous term in the new year!

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