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Year 2/3 Hedgehog Class Update Term 1 Week 7

21 October 2021
Year 2/3 Hedgehog Class Update Term 1 Week 7

Wow! What a busy term we’ve had.

The children have all settled into Hedgehog Class brilliantly and are showing lots of enthusiasm about their new learning. We know this has been a hard term for many of us, due to our current climate, and we have been so impressed with the children!

In our first two weeks, we really concentrated on how we will always be kind to each other throughout the year and how we can put a smile on people’s faces. We are delighted to have seen lots of kind acts in Hedgehog Class.

In Science, we have been learnt lots about habitat and what things might live in different kinds of habitats. We have really enjoyed thinking about how animals have adapted to their environment. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park, where we were able to see animals in their habitat. We enjoyed our ‘Habitat and Adaptation’ talk and learnt new facts about some of the animals. During our trip, we also enjoyed our train ride around the park. We all enjoyed exploring and it was a great day.

The theme of habitats and taking care of our world carried on into our text for English, ‘The Tin Forest’. This story is about a man, who loves on a rubbish dump, and is very unhappy as he dreams of living neat nature and a real forest. One day, an idea gets planted in his garden and he decides to create his own forest rather than being so glum. He works hard, perseveres and makes his forest from the rubbish all around him. Finally, real birds and animals visit this new habitat, then they bring seeds and, in the end, a real forest has grown. The children did extremely well writing diary extracts from the old man and then wrote beautiful descriptions of the new forest using expanded noun phrases. We thought about never giving up on your dreams and how we should all take care of our world.

In our Art lessons, we have loved studying leaves and creating leaf rubbings and prints. We then created our own polystyrene tile to create a repeated pattern and tile print.

We hope you all have a lovely half term break. We look forward to all the exciting new learning we will do next term and lots of Christmas fun in December.

All being well, look out for the dates of our Christmas performance!

Mrs Phillips, Mrs Winrow, Mrs Bulley and Miss Gillett

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