Yet another busy term for Jaguars. We started the term off thinking about wishes for ourselves, our family and the world for 2016, here are some of our thoughts :


“This year, my wish for the world is that people stop dropping litter in the ocean, as a consequence, fish and turtles would be protected. To help with this, I will pick up litter when I go to the beach.”

“One of my wishes for myself is to persevere more and improve my tennis skills, as a result, I will get a better physical shape by exercising more.”

“My wish for my family is to persuade them to spend more quality time with each other, furthermore, I will help around the house to allow them to have more time for themselves.”

“My wish for the world is to stop animal cruelty, because lots of animals have caring owners, but a few owners treat their pets badly. I would like to donate money to charities like the RSPCA and The Dogs Trust.”

“My wish for myself is to challenge myself more with my reading by choosing more challenging books from the library.”

“One of my wishes for my family is to encourage them to walk more, as a result, there would be less pollution from us taking the car everywhere.”


This term we have been studying the topic of ‘Light’ in our science lessons. Mrs. Coate set us this challenge : How can we keep an eye on the younger children in the playground in order to keep them safe ?

The one rule is: you cannot be seen.

We enjoyed making our periscopes which we tested out in the Early Years playground. We don’t think the children in Miss Lawro’s, Miss Barras’ and Miss Slattery’s classes spotted us!


A real highlight of Term 3 has been our visits every Tuesday afternoon from Bath Rugby Club. They have been teaching us about the need to persevere and have a Growth Mindset, something we have been focusing on in school since September. We have enjoyed some energetic and extremely muddy afternoons on the school playing field. Mrs. Coate and the adults from Bath Rugby Club have been impressed with our teamwork and co-operation, as well as our perseverance.


As part of our topic about World War Two, we worked together in groups to plan and present a persuasive talk. Our challenge was to persuade parents during World War Two to evacuate their children to the countryside for their safety. We used lots of persuasive phrases in our presentations and we think that parents would have been persuaded to evacuate their children.


L.S. Lowry is famous for his paintings of ‘matchstalk men and matchstalk cats and dogs’ showing life in Salford in the 1930s. We have studied his work and have produced our own art work in his distinctive style.


In our Maths lessons this term, we have been focusing on fractions. We started by using bars of chocolate and pizzas to remind ourselves of equivalent fractions, we particularly enjoyed this maths lesson about fractions!! Next, we compared fractions, ordered them by changing the denominators, added and subtracted them.


On Tuesday 9th February, we celebrated Safer Internet Day. We participated by creating our own hearts filled with positive images of the internet, in addition, we used sticky labels to give each other kind messages.

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