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9.00am – 12.00pm
12.10pm – 3.10pm
Full Day Care

Barn Owl Pre-School is situated in the Haydon Wick Primary Schools premises.


The Swindon Borough Council provide funding for some 3 year olds and all 4 year olds, up to 15 hours per week.


A Keyperson System is operated which entails an adult being assigned to a group of children to assess their progress, produce play plans and fill in Keyperson Assessment Sheets. Keyperson interviews are held three times a year, giving the parents the opportunity to meet with their child’s Keyperson and discuss the child’s progress or any worries they may have.


The Parents are encouraged to take an active part in the Pre-school through joining the Parents Association.


Themes are planned around the children’s interests. The Manager and Staff meet to discuss future themes and ideas. Theme books have been produced from previous years and are as used as reference books to help improve future themes. When planning themes, the 6 learning goals are taken into consideration. Also kept on file is a series of photographic evidence of themes, activities or visits from other sources.


Over the past few years since funding has been in place, the pre-school has been able to buy a varied amount of equipment to meet the children’s needs. Because the children attend 3 or more sessions, the activities are varied for each session, not only during free play but also after discussion.


A card system has been devised numbered 1-25, which lists activities for free play structured learning for every session including circle time group activities. Each day the card is changed, offering different activities from the day before. Therefore, funded children who may attend up to 5 sessions per week will meet different activities each time they attend.


Registration and Free Play Session

When the children arrive into Pre-school, they are welcomed at the door, they play freely for approximately 15 minutes and sit down ready for registration.


During registration they welcome the staff and each other, the children sing welcome songs, then discuss the weather. Two children are then chosen to select toys or activities for the group by giving them the free choice book to look through.


After registration the session is free flow (indoors and outdoors). During this time a variety of activities take place; free play, creative, keyperson activities and the snack bar.


The snack bar encourages the children to sit in groups of 4, helping the staff member to pour their drinks and prepare snacks for themselves. At the end of the snack bar time all children are encouraged to wash and dry their own snack dishes.


The free play session finishes at approximately 10.40am.

Discussion Time/Circle Time

After freeplay, the children come indoors to take part in Keyperson discussion time and Circle Time.


Keyperson discussion time provides each Keyperson with the opportunity to spend time with their Key Group talking about different factors of their lives, for example; the weekend, their families, Pre-school etc. During this time staff make observations by noting the contributions each child makes.


The subjects for Circle Time change every session e.g. colours, shapes and numbers, letters and sounds, mathematical language, P.E., relaxation, balancing beams, parachute, musical instruments, music and movement, mime, storytelling using the children as characters, singing rhymes or finger movement songs.


For administrative queries and enquires, please contact Julie Lewis on 07790 497 329 or


For anything else including absence, please contact Claire Graham on 07922 588 315.

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