Term 6 2016-17

What a year!  Your children have made us very proud.  They have all grown in confidence and shown themselves to be responsible, caring and thoughtful.  They have worked with enthusiasm and diligence.  We have had some great times together and the photos below show just a few of them.

As well as writing some fabulous stories, poems and reports about Hot air balloons and France the children have completed maths investigations, painted beautiful hot air balloons, built dens, researched and made French foods, launched their own balloons, contributed to TWHF arts festival projects, performed poetry, decorated cakes, taken part in the earth summit, read ‘The Hobbit’, hula hooped, shared amazing homework, completed science experiments, made puppets and the list goes on.

We ended the year with Badger and Otter class summer fair.  We are so proud of them.  They planned their stalls, researched profits in maths, set it all up and ran it (with a little help from some fabulous parents).  They raised £440 and they will get a say in how it’s spent at school.

We wish them a summer full of fun and laughter and look forward to seeing them about school in September.  Onwards and upwards brilliant Badgers!

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