Term 3 2016-17

Hedgehogs class have had an exciting start to the term. On the first day back they found on the floor of the classroom what appeared to be a headless body, with what looked like a head in a bucket. The body was surrounded by clues and the class was cleverly able to work out that this was Ann Boleyn, who was executed during the reign of King Henry VIII.


The following day they were visited by his father, King Henry VII, complete with sword and a very rattly money box full of the tax he had collected.


If that wasn’t enough, Adams from Caterlink visited on Thursday to help us taste the difference between sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavours. We found out too how sight dominates our senses as everybody thought purple jelly was blackberry, blueberry or blackcurrant, when in fact it was something quite different!


We have been doing work on our own too, without visitors. This week in maths we were improving our multiplication skills by working on arrays.


Happy New Year to you all.

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