Term 5 2016-17

Hedgehogs worked very hard in Term 5, making sure they had evidence of their achievement, Year 2s for the end of KS1 and Year 3s for the beginning of KS2.

We have begun our topic on Africa, using videos, photographs, fiction and non-fiction books, ICT and artefacts. Many children have already had their expectations challenged.

We have started to look at African animals and have created beautiful sunset silhouette paintings. The children also retold the story of ‘Why Zebra has stripes,’ using all their writing skills for Year 2 and Year 3.

One day we joined in an airport experience with 3 other classes. As well as the photos on Hedgehogs blog you can see more in the gallery for the whole school on this site.

We have learned a lot about being safe this term as we had a visit from the Fire Service and from Mr Randini, who taught us about Road Safety through magic tricks, and also an assembly from Mr Summerson on online safety.

Our Science topic was Grouping and Changing Materials; the most popular lesson was predicting and observing what happened when lemonade meets raisins. Hedgehogs came up with some good questions too.

Our next big event is our class assembly. We have started planning as a class and we look forward to seeing family and friends on the day.

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