Yet another busy term for Jaguars.We started the term off thinking about wishes for ourselves, our family and the world for 2017, here are some of our thoughts.


  • “I like baking, so maybe I could bake cakes for my favourite charity to raise money for them.”
  • “My wish for myself is to keep swimming for my club which will benefit me by keeping me fit.”
  • “My first wish for the world is to stop people dropping litter, I will put up posters to discourage them.”
  • “I want to be happier at home and appreciate what I have more often.”
  • “My wish for myself is to not drink fizzy drinks anymore so I can be healthier.”
  • “My first wish is to raise money for the people in different countries who are disabled and don’t have a wheelchair or other aid.”


We have continued our work about microbes and planned and carried out a science investigation :
‘By using a fair test we are trying to find out the best conditions needed for microbes in yeast to breed and multiply.’


We predicted what conditions we thought the yeast would need based on what we already knew about microbes. Some of our results were quite surprising! See our photos below.


Our topic this term has been all about the Victorians. In literacy, we wrote some diaries about how Queen Victoria would have felt about becoming Queen at the age of 18. You can read a couple of examples of our work.


One of the highlights of Term 3 was having a new, furry member of the class……


We really enjoyed caring for her and Mrs. Coate’s Maths group were often entertained by her gymnastics in her cage in the mornings!


In PE, we have been focusing on keeping fit, we set up circuits to test our fitness. Next term, we are going to design our own keep fit activities to test our fitness and agility. Hopefully, we’ll be a lot fitter by the end of Term 4!


On Friday 3rd February, we invited our parents into the classroom to see the fabulous homework that we had completed related to our Victorian topic. Some of us did some baking from original Victorian recipes, they tasted delicious (apart from the gruel that Zach made!!), others made a model of a zoetrope or researched aspects of Victorian life or famous Victorians. Mrs. Coate was really impressed by all our efforts and gave us 10 class points !!


7th February saw us participating in Safer Internet Day. We studied a selection of images to decide whether they were real or fake, some of the results were quite surprising. We also enjoyed an activity which involved matching up emojis with their meanings.


On the last day of term, we had a non-uniform day. We raised money for Mrs, Bulley who will be travelling to Kenya to work in schools where the children are not as fortunate as we are. See you in Term 4!

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