What a really busy term we have had looking at deserts and the animals in them. We have really enjoyed our work on ‘Meerkat Mail’ following Sunny on his journey to find his perfect home. We also looked at some desert poetry and created some ourselves.


Here is Shardae’s Cinquian:
Sweaty inhospital,
Boiling, raging burning,
Lovely yellow sunny


Samyukth’s Haiku:
Sandy scorching place
Boiling scorpions and snakes
Pyramids very dry


We worked very hard on place value and reading and writing numbers carefully and then moved on to multiplication. We now know the relationship between division and multiplication and which division sums relate to our times tables. We also used doubling and halving to solve problems.


Our visit from Jungle Jim was great! He showed us many desert creatures and explained to us how they survive in the desert. We all crawled under the table to see how this scorpion was luminous in the dark. Some of us weren’t quite sure about the tarantula but she was very friendly. The snakes were cool too! They didn’t feel like we thought they would. In the end we were all brave enough to have a touch.


Creating are hot desert collages has been fun and rather messy. We have used technology a lot this term. Using google earth to find the hottest places on earth and creating PowerPoints to explain to others about camel adaptations.
We learnt that it is not only animals that have to survive the scorching desert but also humans. We studied the life of Bedouins who live in the desert. We used the app ‘Explain everything’ to make a presentation about their lives. We included pictures, text and sound on each page.
We have been working very hard in our swimming lessons and look forward to more next term. Our behaviour on the bus and on the way to the pool has been very good. Having lacrosse has been really fun!


We were also lucky enough to have a yoga teacher come and do some yoga with us for our value of peace. At the end of the session we really did try our hardest to get some peace and quiet in our heads.
A very special well done goes our Meerkats who got bronze in the White Horse Federation basketball competition.And we must not forget our crazy Spanish day full of Flamenco dancing and fans.

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