As usual we have had a very busy term. The children have really settled into KS2 now and are producing work that is of a high standard and that they should be proud of. This is especially true of their English work. We have read Brambly Hedge and have been carefully writing our own versions. Their stories are a pleasure to read and they have been working so hard on them. Their character and setting descriptions have been really skillful and thoughtful. Particularly pleasing has been the improvements made in checking and editing their work. They have also been working on noun phrases, adverbs and connectives which they have used in their stories.


In Maths they have worked very hard on telling the time to the nearest minute both in digital and analogue formats. This is, of course, a skill that will need constant reinforcement so any help at home would be really appreciated. If Santa could bring an analogue watch that would be even better! We have revisited using our jumping frog to help us count on instead of doing tricky 3 digit subtractions.


We have also worked on estimating and measuring weight and capacity and reading scales. This was to tie in with our DT project to design and make a healthy snack. The helpers on the day of the cooking were impressed by the children’s careful weighing and measuring of the ingredients. Alongside our DT project we were looking at food hygiene. We did two Science experiments in this. The first involved covering our hands in glitter to see the most effective way of cleaning.


The second involved getting germs from various places around the school and observing their growth. We wiped potatoes on various surfaces and monitored them over a few weeks. The children do seem to enjoy such disgusting activities! Our other Science work has been on Plants. We have enjoyed using MRS NERG to describe the 7 processes of living things. We now have a greater understand that each part of the plant has a clever job including making the food and as part of the plant lifecycle.


We have been doing activities on safe passwords and coding during our Computing sessions. We have made algorithms to control traffic lights and to ensure that snails get to their food without being eaten first, skilfully ensuring that certain things happen at certain times. The games that they have designed, programmed and debugged are saved in Espresso for you to play.


In RE we have been studying the bible and what it is. It is still top secret but in our Art lessons we have been very carefully crafting and preparing some beautiful calendars and Christmas cards.
Mr P our PE teacher for this term has been so impressed by the fencing that our class has been doing. They have listened carefully to instructions and have been helping each other as coaches and referees. Parents and the school alike must also be proud of the class’s effort and behaviour on Monday afternoons during and on the way to swimming. They represented the school very well.

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