The Meerkats have really been hitting their targets and improving their work this term. They should be very proud of their achievements. After reading Flat Stanley they have planned and written some really interesting adventure/mystery stories.
During Topic we have been enjoying mummification, Ancient Egyptian gods, the afterlife and pyramids. Our books of the dead were especially good. We hope you have all seen our beautiful display in the hall that showcases some of our Egyptian myth writing and our cartouches. We also chose our own area of Ancient Egypt to research and created some really informative non-fiction reports.
During our session on pyramids Mrs Cowley gave us straws and pipe cleaners and told us to build a pyramid. She didn’t help at all! It took all our perseverance and team work and it was a real test of our Growth mind-sets.


We have conducted our own experiments in Science. Finding out, for example, how to test the strength of different magnets. We also had the excitement of some weird things happening in the library. We decided to take a careful look at some strange fingerprints that had appeared to see if anyone in our class was involved. After careful observations of the loops, whirls and arches in our own prints we systematically ruled each other out until we found the culprit. We did an impromptu experiment to see if 2 magnifying glasses work better than 1.


After a lovely assembly on thoughtfulness, Emily, from the Dogs Trust, talked to us about the rights and responsibilities of having a pet dog.

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