Term 5 2016-17

We really have been around the world this term! Not only have the children been doing outstanding geography skills but their ‘Around the world in 80 days’ type stories were fantastic, full of adventure. Well done Year 3 your story writing skills have surely improved.

In Maths we have been working hard on perimeter and written methods of multiplication. It certainly wasn’t easy to begin with but with a growth mind-set we all improved and did really well.

Rocks is not a dull topic. We have had exploding volcanos and edible boulders. (OK the volcano didn’t explode, it just sort of fizzled!) We have been carrying out lots of investigations and experiments with rocks including finding out which are the hardest and which contain carbohydrates. Our singing about rocks is also really tuneful.

A great big thank you to all the Meerkat parents for their wonderful costumes for our class assembly. They looked fantastic. Mrs Cowley couldn’t have been prouder with the way everybody coped with performing to such a large audience. They all remembered their lines a spoke clearly and loudly.

In Computing we have really enjoyed being film makers, creating a trailer for our Egyptian myth. We used lots of different camera shots and learnt what it takes to create a good film. (This includes lots of patience!) See our film trailer below.

Another thank you to the children who produced some beautiful pieces of pick and mix homework. I think we must have the biggest collection of Faberge eggs outside of Russia!

Our Isis and Osiris Film Trailer

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