What a wonderful start to a new year! The children very quickly settled into their new class, and some new friendships have been made. Our Classroom Rules were discussed and decided upon in the first full week of school– we all wanted our classroom to be a happy and peaceful space in which we could learn.


As a whole school, we have introduced a new fully cursive handwriting style. Otter class have risen to this challenge and use their beautiful joined writing in all subject areas. They are all very keen to obtain their pen licence!


The children were actively involved in planning activities to support their learning. We have found out about various habitats and the animals that live there, which gave us much scope for producing some very pleasing descriptive writing. The life of Sir David Attenborough gave us the opportunity to study biographies and autobiographies. We learned a number of songs from Disney’s Lion King, and thoroughly enjoyed dancing to the song ‘I just can’t wait to be king’!


In PE, we have learned to play Lacrosse, where we ended the term having developed the skills to play a game!


Our term ended with a very informative and fun trip to Longleat- what a day- what a term!

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