Tigers Class - Term 2

Firstly, Mrs Winn and Miss Bunclark would like to say a big thank you for all the lovely Christmas presents and cards we received, they are much appreciated and we hope you all have a lovely Christmas.

During the past few weeks we have been working hard to learn the words for all the songs for our Christmas concerts. On Wednesday we performed at James Wilks House, we enjoyed chatting to the residents and we added some sparkle to their day.

Tiger class have learned so much and shone so brightly in the Autumn term!  We have been very busy learning all about World War 1.  We have researched a hero or heroine from the war and written biographies about them.  We discovered many unsung heroes and heroines from the war. Learning about individuals meant that we could learn about the many roles people had during the war, such as nurses and spies. We looked at the causes of World War 1 and wrote a newspaper article about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand.  We also looked in detail about what life was like in the trenches. We imagined what it would be like to be a soldier in the trenches and wrote a letter home from a soldier’s point of view.  We have been working hard on cursive handwriting and lots of us now have pen licenses!

In PE, we have been lucky enough to have Mr P, who taught us how to play Lacrosse in Term 1 and fencing in Term 2. We picked up the rules of fencing quickly and were able to referee games for our friends. In ICT we have learned all about online safety and learned how to make games by coding.

In Science we conducted a experiment where we created a compost tower using fruit and vegetables. We put fresh things in and then waited and watched what happened. The result was quite smelly!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our Blog. Next term we are looking forward to learning all about the Victorians, so watch this space!

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