During our Topic of Extreme Survival we found the lives of the Bedouins very interesting. We conducted our own research and thoughtfully made eBooks. We continued our Topic work in art and created desert or arctic pictures paying careful attention to which are cold and hot colours.


In Science we have been creating food chains of the animals that live in the desert. After that we moved on to our own nutrition and what is a balanced/healthy diet. We have decided that our parents try their hardest to give us a balanced diet (but we could probably try harder to eat one).


During computing lessons we have been doing word processing. Firstly we produced some powerful work using Publisher. We created a display to honour our ‘values hero’ Sir Tim Berners-Lee. A brilliant man who created the World Wide Web and decided that it was such a useful, powerful tool for good that he gave it to the world for free! See his photo in the gallery below.


Later on we created interesting PowerPoint presentations to illustrate and inform other children of our age about how the camel has adapted to living in the desert.


A page from Florence’s PowerPoint is included in the gallery below. We have really enjoyed our hockey sessions with Miss Sparks this term.


A great big thank you should go out to the children for their amazing effort in their swimming lessons. It is wonderful to see children (using a growth mindset) doing things that they didn’t think were possible YET. Many of them showed great bravery in overcoming their fears.


In Maths we have been working very hard on our 3 and 4 times tables and have even been creating our own word problems to test our friends. On World Maths Day we had fun trying to work out whether ‘the taller you are the bigger your feet are’. We measured very carefully, produced really tricky scatter graphs and spotted patterns.

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