Meerkats, and indeed the whole of Key Stage 2, have had a very busy and exciting term preparing for and performing our Christmas Carol Concert. Meerkats class have enjoyed their first year of being part of this and have really risen to the challenge with many of the other teachers commenting on how well they have learnt all the songs and have been singing them during our rehearsals. So a big well done to Meerkat class for showing the values of quality and perseverance and for making us proud!


As well as our rehearsals we have also been very busy in the classroom doing all sorts of things. We have still been enjoying our topic, Extreme Survival, across the curriculum. One of our projects has been to design a high energy snack that would be suitable for an explorer to take on an extreme journey. We conducted market research where we got to try some tasty existing products as well as some of the ingredients that we might like to put in our snacks. We then worked in design teams and designed three different products. We then decided as a team which one we would like to make. I must say that the children have really enjoyed this challenge and took the opportunity to work cooperatively to produce a product that they could be proud of and then met all the design criteria. Unfortunately, we ran out of time to make them this side of Christmas but will be working alongside Chef and dad, Mr Soave, during the first week back to make our delicious high-energy snacks. Thank you very much to Mr Soave for volunteering your time, it is much appreciated and we are looking forward to working with you in the new year.


As part of our design and bake topic, we learnt about the importance of food hygiene and did some very interesting experiments involving clothes, glitter and potatoes. I’ll let the children fill you in on the rest!


Also, in our Extreme Survival topic we have learnt about the extreme environments of the desert, mountain regions and arctic. We found out what it would be like to survive in each of these places and learnt about the ways in which animals and plants have adapted to live in these harsh places. We used the iPads to do some research to help us and created a class display celebrating the amazing ways in which nature survives the most difficult conditions.


Our topic extended into our writing and this term we have been thinking specifically about the arctic and famous explorers who travelled there. We found out all about Scott and Amundsen’s race to the South Pole and wrote our own explorer biographies.

Then we read the story of The Last Polar Bears and wrote our own artic adventure stories which the children then edited themselves. They found the editing process pretty challenging but rewarding as they got to find and correct their own mistakes and work hard to improve their vocabulary to produce something they could be really proud of.


In Maths, we have worked so hard on telling the time this term. Analogue clocks, digital clocks, 24 hour clocks and Roman numerals. We found converting between the different clocks tricky but we really, really worked hard!


After finding out what nutrients our bodies needed in Science last term, this term we began by finding out how those nutrients are absorbed by our body. The digestive system is really interesting and very yucky too! Then we moved on to our skeletal system, its jobs and how it works. We couldn’t believe that some animals have their skeleton on the outside. After making super moving muscles for homework (thank you parents) we investigated how different our flexibility is before and after warming up.


In Computing we have been improving our coding skills, especially using time functions and sequencing. We even created code to make a traffic light sequence.


In PE, we have been lucky enough to work with Miss Sparks again and have been doing Rhythmic Gymnastics. We have learnt how to use a hoop, ribbons or ball within a sequence and have thought about shape, balance and travel to create and evaluate our own sequences using this equipment. Also in PE, we continued our great effort in swimming and many of us even got certificates. Well done to all the children for their super effort and behaviour each week.


Next term, our new topic will be Meet the Flintstones in which we will be learning all about the Stone Age. The children are very excited about it and are looking forward to bringing in and sharing their project homework in the new term:


Finally, we’d like to thank all the children for their hard work throughout the term. Going from Year 2 to Year 3 is a bug jump and we are proud of how well the pupils have adjusted to the change.


And not forgetting, a big thank you to you for your support in helping the children with their homework and to learn their spellings and times tables. It really does make a big difference in the children’s learning.


Merry Christmas


We look forward to seeing you all in the New Year.

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