We have been very busy this term.In computing we have been evaluating the different cartoon strip makers there are online. We have made our own Flintstones carton strip in at . We imported our chosen photos which were very carefully, safely and legally selected from the internet. They were very funny.


In Science we have been rock detectives, exploring and testing rocks. We did some fantastic homework on different types of rock and volcanoes. We have also learnt about how fossils are formed. We made (fake) fossils and tried our hardest to be careful palaeontologists and excavate them without breaking them.


In Maths we have been working really hard to solve addition and subtraction problems. Although this is very tricky we have been using our growth mindset and telling ourselves that if we keep trying then we will improve.


As well as really improving our netball skills in outdoor PE we have been finding out about the effect of exercise on our bodies. We tested how good our reaction times were and also whether the people with the longest legs jumped the furthest or was it our technique. We worked well together to present a series of exercises for certain muscles and thought very carefully which exercises would be beneficial for which sports.


In English this term we have been reading some Stone Age stories, including Stone Age Boy and Stig of the Dump. We wrote our own stories based on the adventures of Stone Age Boy and the children should be really proud of their work. They put a lot of thought into the descriptive language that they used. Please feel free to have a good look at their lovely work on the display in our classroom.


In our Topic lessons, we have been learning all about what it was like to live in the Stone Age. The children generated their own questions, which we will hopefully be able to answer as we go through our topic. We created a timeline to sequence all the events that happened during the Stone Age period and we found out about the achievements of the Stone Age people and how their ideas have contributed to our lives even now! Please let me take this opportunity to thank you for all the hard work you and your children put in over the Christmas holidays to produce some wonderful pieces of homework. I can tell, the children really enjoyed this project and their work has made a lovely display in our classroom.


In Art, we looked at the significance of cave paintings and what we can learn from them about the past. The children created their own cave paintings which are also on display in the classroom. We also learnt about the different tools and weapons that Stone Age people made from wood, stone and other natural materials. The children then used a block of clay to create a cast to make their own tools by carving into it. This was trickier than it sounds! We will be pouring Plaster of Paris into our moulds to create our own Stone Age tool and weapon replicas.

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