What an amazing start to the new school year! The children settled very quickly into their new class, making new friends and working with their new teacher.


Classroom Rules were discussed and decided upon- we all wanted our classroom to be a happy, safe and peaceful space in which we could learn.


We have all thoroughly enjoyed learning through our topic- our Science lessons have explained many everyday events to us- why we have night and day, seasons, eclipses. We have learnt many facts about our Solar System, and have even produced own in class using our papier mache skills and our knowledge of the sizes of the planets, and their distances from the Sun!!


Using our Computing and English skills, we have researched the lives of Neil Armstrong and Helen Sharman, and have written their biographies.


PE lessons have been so exciting! We have been very lucky to be taught by Miss Sparks for outdoor PE, where our focus has been Hockey. The children have made fabulous progress, from learning how to hold the hockey stick correctly to being able to play full matches, where the children have played in all of the various positions required, including linesman, referee and time keeper.


To end our first term, we were treated to a visit by a member of the Parliamentary Education Service. During a whole school assembly, it was explained to us how our Government works, this was followed by Otter class children having the opportunity to elect, debate and vote on issues of our choosing – what an experience! We have some budding MP’s in our midst!

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