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Celebration Assembly - Friday 24th January 2020

6 February 2020
Celebration Assembly - Friday 24th January 2020

For going over and above this week:

Dragonflies: Chixie you planned a brilliant castle, using great detail. You then used your plan to help your build your model.

Honeybees: Ronnie you did not give up when you were learning to do a forward roll in PE even though you were nervous. Well done

Frogs: Cassy for working so hard every week- it doesn’t go unnoticed! The progress you are making is fantastic. Keep it up!

Squirrels: Sophie H you try so hard to practice your spellings every week and this week your practice paid off and you got 6 out of


Hedgehogs: Max for making a big effort to improve your written work by making your sentences a sensible length and joining your handwriting.

Meerkats: Ben you have made a huge effort to work with quality rather than at speed.

Otters: Samuel you have tried hard to improve your times tables in school to help you with your maths.

Badgers: Ella you were brilliant in maths. You showed fantastic understanding of the method for adding four digit numbers. Well done!

Tigers: Patryk for your wide range of reading that you choose. As a result you are extremely knowledgeable.

Jaguars: Millie you have produced some excellent writing this week. Using great figurative language and creativity. Well done.

Hot Chocolate Celebration

We celebrated some children who have stood out as having shown the values this week; Olivia S, Seth, Dheysel, Theo A, Jude, Elijah, Emilia, Hayden, Cati, and Grace S.

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