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Celebration Assembly Friday 29th November 2019

2 December 2019
Celebration Assembly Friday 29th November 2019

For going Over and Above this week:

Dragonflies: Seni you carried out your Sammy Snake challenge brilliantly. You got all your phase 2 sounds and words correct! Fantastic.

Honeybees: Ronnie you have tried very hard with your reading and are making super progress.

Frogs: William for doing an excellent rewrite of the Polar Bear Paddle, especially when you missed the lessons to learn it as you were poorly! Fantastic effort.

Squirrels: Archie you have put 100% effort into Maths this week. You have tried really hard with number lines. Well done!

Hedgehogs: Seth because when you were editing your worm poem you asked if you could write a bit more, and then you did write more. Over and above! Well done.

Meerkats: Isabella you continue to put maximum effort in all areas of the curriculum.

Otters: Tilly for consistently showing the school values throughout the week, being engaged during lessons- A pleasure to teach!

Badgers: Bailey for super expressive reading during guided reading and individual reading. You are always keen to ask and answer questions.

Tigers: Hamilton for making a huge effort to be over and above in all lessons! Well done Hamilton!

Jaguars: Ashley you always contribute to class discussions and support others during group work. Brilliant effort at all times. Well done.

Hot Chocolate celebration

We celebrated some children who have stood out as having shown the values this week; Katherine, Cara, Sydney, Lola-Lee, Sami, Josh M, Hanifah, Freddie, Samuel P and Phoebe.

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