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Red Nose Day 2021

19 March 2021
Red Nose Day 2021

Today, people around the country are celebrating Red Nose Day 2021. All of the proceeds raised by the event are used by the charity to support vulnerable people in the UK and all over the world.

Since launching the first Red Nose Day in 1985, Comic Relief has helped a staggering number of people, and tens of millions of pounds are raised every year.

While this year the day itself will look a little different than usual, the money raised is still as important as ever. As social distancing has made a lot of fundraising activities difficult, there are still plenty of ways people around the country have been sharing laughter and raising funds this year.

This year, we're doing dress as a superhero to donate: The children are invited to donate to dress up… From Wonder Woman and Superman to Air-Guitar girl and Bakes-Brilliant-Cakes-Boy, choose or create a superhero and pay a small donation to Comic Relief.

At Haydon Wick Primary School, we believe Red Nose Day is much more than just an opportunity for us to arrange a number of fun and exciting fundraising activities. The event gives us the platform to teach our pupils about the importance of charity, being generous, and supporting and helping others. These lessons will help to develop good habits that last long into their adult life.

Red Nose Day is such a special event because it allows young people to have fun, laugh, and experience the joy of raising money to help others.

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