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World Poetry Day Contest: Congratulations to Year 5/6 Tiger Class!

1 June 2021
World Poetry Day Contest: Congratulations to Year 5/6 Tiger Class!

Congratulations to Year 5/6 Tiger Class for their fantastic poem, winning the World Poetry Day contest organised across all the White Horse Federation Primaries.

Here is the winning poem:

Rising Phoenix

The caged phoenix.
Radiant: crimson,
blazing with anger.
In its restricted cage.
Squawking, roaring rage.
Being held hostage.
Clawing at the bars of
Ignited flames.

The free phoenix rises
from a charred pile of ash.
Sweltering taloned beast.
Ascending -
blood-red beyond.
Releasing its vast torrid wings.

Bars of outrage.
Fireball burning brightly.
Flames flaring.
First scorched…
Then Burning.

Metal cage melting:
ebony ash.
Falling through
burning flames.
Fading white: becomes black.

Free phoenix soaring.
Gliding sky-high.
Scorching scarlet sunrise.
Dives deeply -
Molten rock mountain…
of golden flames.

By Tiger class (Haydon Wick)

Check out the three other winning poems from Moredon Primary and Nursery, and Zouch Academy and Nursery.

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