Another new year at Haydon Wick Primary and I’m sure 2016 will prove to be just as busy for Tiger class as always! We began our year with making 3 wishes, one for ourselves, one for our family and one for the world. Fabulous wishes they are too. Take a look for yourselves as I have included a few in our gallery below for you to see.


A real highlight of Term 3 has been our visits every Thursday afternoon from Bath Rugby Club. They have included us in their Stickability project, teaching us about the need to persevere and have a Growth Mindset, through literacy and rugby training. We have enjoyed some energetic and very, VERY muddy afternoons on the school playing field. However the great highlight for Tiger class was the visit of Bath and England rugby player David Atwood, who spent the afternoon with us talking about his career and teaching us some of his skills. We even appeared in the local newspaper. I have included a picture in the gallery for you to enjoy.


As part of our topic about World War Two, we worked together in groups to plan and present a persuasive talk. Our challenge was to persuade parents during World War II to evacuate their children to the countryside for their safety. We used lots of persuasive phrases in our presentations and we certainly think that parents would have been persuaded to evacuate their children. I have attached a piece of the writing in the gallery.


We made some pictures of the London skyline in The Blitz, using chalk backgrounds and painted foreground. They turned out really effectively so I have included a couple of examples in the gallery.


Finally, we also made leaflets all about The Blackout. Our leaflets described what it was like to live during The Blitz and explained the important safety instructions and rules that everyone in Britain had to follow. The leaflets still have a bit of finishing to do so I will include photos of them in my next blog.


In our science lessons, we took the challenge of trying to spy on the younger children in the playground by making our own periscopes! Actually it was all about learning that light travels in straight lines but we thoroughly enjoyed making and using them, though the younger children should watch out… never know when we might be looking at you!


So now we can have a short break before enjoying all the exciting new things we are going to learn about in Term 4!

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