On Monday 17th of April, parents will learn where their child will be starting their primary school journey.


Today is National Allocation Day and offers for primary school places will be sent to parents and carers across the UK. For anyone who is feeling at all anxious about their child’s placement, we would like to help you ease any nerves.


To make your child's allocation process as smooth as possible we highly recommend that our new parents/carers accept their child’s placement offer with us as soon as you can. By doing this you can rest easy knowing your child will be attending our fantastic school.

Please keep in mind you may receive your offers at a later date if your application was made after the admissions deadline in January.


Once you have your offer you will need to accept it before the deadline of 28th April 2023. For more information follow this link: Swindon Allocation Information


Here at Haydon Wick, we strive to give our best each day to ensure our pupils are provided with the best education possible. Our efforts don’t stop at the classroom as we also aim to provide our children with everlasting memories outside our school walls.


We see offering exceptional Early Years provisions as a necessity which is why we put a great deal of effort into developing engaging and fun lessons. By vigorously planning our curriculum we ensure that our pupils are provided with the best start to their Primary journey. To find out more about our curriculum plans visit our Learning & Education page: Curriculum Overview


If your child has been offered a place at Haydon Wick Primary, we ensure you won’t be disappointed. Accept your offer today and be sure to let us know they will be attending our fantastic school. We cannot wait to introduce you and your child to our team in September. We hope to see you soon!